One of the things we get asked most is what to bring along to a photo session. Whilst we have a wide range of props to use during a shoot there is nothing better than bringing along personal items from home. Here are a few of our favourite ideas that we thing makes for a great photo!


Instruments/Music – does anyone in the family play an instrument? Do you have records that mean something to you? Our cover photo is Marley with his Daddy’s favourite vinyl albums and we think it makes a great shot! Guitars, drum kits, microphones, headphones anything that you play at home would be great in the studio. This is a great thing to bring along for teenagers and younger children – and we love to hear them play in the studio.

Dressing up clothes – nearly every child has something they like to dress up as. Whether it is a full on Princess costume or a doctors set, bring it along to your session. Not only does it add to the shoot but you can capture some great photos of your children simply playing.

Books – this covers all ages. From baby books to teenage trilogies all children have a favourite book. We can either stack they up, spread them on the floor or take photos of them just reading and the results and really effective.

Pets – are you bringing along the family pet to the shoot? Then don’t forget something for them too. Their favourite toys, balls, treats, blankets all make great props for your pets photo session.

Hats and accessories – whether it is a flat cap, bowler hat or furry hood, it is the little details that make the difference. Scarves, hats, coats and sunglasses may seem like a strange thing to bring along but they help add something different to close up images. There are lots of examples of these over on our gallery section of the website.

Toys – whatever your child plays with at that time is the perfect thing to bring along. We are aiming to capture photos of your family at this moment in time and bringing along their current favourite toy or teddy will help do just that. What’s more it helps them relax into the session having something familiar to play with.


If you are joining us for a session soon and have absolutely no idea what to bring along just give us a call. One of our very helpful ladies will be able to help you – call us on 01992 636152.