Choosing a wedding photographer is a big deal. After the cake has been eaten and your dress is boxed up the photos are memories of the day. You will show your Children and Grandchildren these photos so you need be happy looking at them for years to come.

After over 40 years of being a Wedding Photographer we have a few hints and tips that may help you when choosing the right wedding photographer for you.

1. You and your partner need to do your research. Whether you want to walk around wedding fairs or trawl the internet, do your research. Look at photographers websites, literature and social media to get a feel for their style. Whilst every wedding is personal and venues are different, each photographer will have their own style – and you need to make sure you like it. Formal, informal, contemporary, reportage  - they are so many different styles so put together a short list of photographers and go and visit them.

2. Arrange a meeting. We usually invite couples looking for a wedding photographer in for an informal chat at the studio and over a cuppa and a biscuit (sometimes a bit of cake if we have it!) we just have a chat about what they are looking for. Some couples come armed with questions and some haven’t got a clue what they are looking for. Either way, it gives you a chance to sit and have a look at some of the work, meet the photographer and ask all the questions you are unsure of. There is a list of questions you can ask at the meeting (from back up cameras to whether they are bringing an assistant) which are all helpful to know.

3. Showing examples of what you like is a good thing. Yes, we cant recreate everything we see on Pinterest but it gives us a good idea of the type of photography you like. If you see something in magazines or online that you like, print it out and bring it along. It all helps.

4. Are they part of a professional organisation? Every photographer worth their weight will be part of a photographic organisation. There are lots out there but if they have a qualification with a professional body it means that they have submitted images to be judged and will be committed to professional development. We are members of the MPA - which is also a good place to search for qualified photographers in your area.

5. Think about what you want covered. Some Brides love the wedding preparation shots of getting ready, some want some privacy whilst getting ready for their big day. Do you want the reception covered late into the evening or is up to the first dance enough? This will help you decide how long you need a photographer for on your day – and ultimately the wedding coverage option to go for. Find out from your photographer exactly what ‘all day’ covers. If you are getting married late in the day, then a half day coverage should be enough.

6. What is included in the different packages? We have seen so many different changes in wedding photography over the years. 10 years ago everyone had albums – now we sell a lot more wall portraits than albums. Check exactly what is included with your wedding coverage and what you can purchase after the day. Albums, parent books, extra prints may not be included in your package but can be chosen after you’ve seen your images.

7.  There is plenty of time. There is no need to go through every little details at your initial meeting. Once you are happy you have found the right photographer and booked them you can take your time. We usually meet with our couples a few weeks before the big day to go through the finer details, group shots, details of the running order of the day etc.


There are many questions that you can ask when seeing various wedding photographers but ultimately you need to feel comfortable and love their work. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, we have heard them all before and want to make sure you are choosing the right photographer for YOUR big day.

Hope that helps! Any questions, just ask!