We get asked in the studio in the run up to the Summer holidays tips for taking better photos on your phone or camera, so here are our top tips for taking photos when you are away…

It’s the perfect time to capture some great family photos but most people come back disappointed with the images they take whilst on holiday. Have a read of our tips for getting the most of your photos this holiday season…

1. Use the available light - on a beach holiday you are pretty much guaranteed sunshine at some point which means a good sunrise and sunset. Family silhouettes shots are a great idea if you shoot against the light or if you are up early enough the morning light is soft and great to use – plus it is normally quieter!

2. Use doorways or windows to frame the image - rather than standing in the front of the beach why not experiment with windows and doorways to create frame for the subject. Depending on your location an ornate doorway can make a wonderful shot.

3. Try different angles  - when taking photos of the children playing get down to their level, even try laying on the floor! You’ll get some great action shots of the children at this angle. Try taking things from a higher viewpoint too – stand on whatever you can to get some great images of the kids playing in the pool…it creates a great perspective.

4. Shoot the moment – not the pose. Try not to pose your family up too much, you are trying to capture the essence of your holiday and the moments you shared. Each image doesn’t have to be the perfect shot but by capturing snippets of each moment it creates a great storyboard.

5. Don’t forget the details - if you are planning to make a photo album or book from your travels then taking photos of inanimate objects and backdrops will make a great background. From colourful tiles to flowers it will help add to the memories from the holiday. My favourite is all the great food and drink!

6. Check what is in the background - it isn’t as easy as you think to remove unwanted items from the background in post production so just check what is behind your subject before you start clicking. Just a slight repositioning could make the difference between taking a photo with a random person in the background.

7. Put the camera down - i know these are tips for taking photos on holiday but there is no better camera that your eyes… so put the camera down occasionally and enjoy your holiday. You will remember everything you need to without the need for photos.

Enjoy your holidays!