It is almost time for the best holiday of the year (in our opinion anyway!) the one filled with lots of chocolate! We had a shoot this week with three year old Darcy and let her go crazy with 5 chocolate eggs. Not sure if this was the best idea but we got some great results – and a very happy Darcy! You can view a short video of a behind the scenes of this session over on Instagram. This image will now be featured on our Easter window display alongside lots of Spring themed paraphernalia.

The Easter holidays feels like quite a long one so why not bring your little one along to the studio for a session (we promise not to give them 5 chocolate eggs to eat.)  From 3rd April until 21st April we are offering a one hour session, 12 x 8 image of your choice and a £20 voucher towards other images  - all for just £25.00. What’s more each child will get a yummy Easter egg to take away with them. It is proving quite hard to have an office full of Easter Eggs at the moment and not want to eat them all!

If you would like to make a booking, just call our lovely team on 01992 636152 and we can find a convenient time for you to come along for your session – and join us in the best holiday of the year!