The first thing most people say they would save if their house was on fire is their photographs. Pretty much everything else can be replaced but you cannot replace the old black and white photos of family members taken many years ago. They are our most treasured possessions. Whilst the digital age has given us so many positives (yes, like airbrushing and being able to share them with the world with a click of button) it is also a shame that we don’t keep photo albums, or print out our photos like the generations before us.

However, there is something else that we are finding more common when we show people their images in our viewing room. After a photo session our Photographers put together a show of the best images from the session and we have a cinema style presentation of the photos that the whole family can come and see. It is emotional – not just for our families but for us too, we are capturing some wonderful memories and feel privileged to share them with you. Over the past few years we have noticed an increase in the number of people who opt for photos just of the children because, and i am quoting, ‘look too fat’,'look too grey’, ‘am thinning on top’, and the most frequently used ‘look too old’.

Do you ever look of photos of your relatives that you have stashed in the loft in boxes and think any of these things? Not for one second. You smile at how much your children look like them, and maybe have a little giggle at the fashion but you never comment on what they look like because it is irrelevant – all that matters is that you have these photos to look back on and remember them by. Your children will feel exactly the same when they look at family photos taken (whether it is on the computer or in an album) so stop worrying about what you look like because whilst you may be buying these photos to display in your home, you are also buying them as future memories for your grandchildren…..and their grandchildren.

And finally….remember to print your photos out once in a while. Digital photos are amazing but nothing beats holding a good old photo in your hands!