During January and February we are offering our ‘Spoil your Pet’ promotion. It is the chance to bring along your furry friend for a treat filled session and whilst it is having a whale of time we can get some stunning images too. We are just revamping the studio window after finally removing all traces of Christmas and putting a wonderful dog photo in its place. However, for our blog i though we should share one of the more unusual Pet shoots – six rabbits! Of course, we love having Dogs and Cats in the studio but it is always a challenge when something new walks (or hops!) through the door. This wonderful shoot was such fun and we managed to capture some great photos of the rabbits together. So if you have an unusual pet and would love to get some great photos then head to the studio this January or February. What’s more it is only £19.00 for the session and a 10 x 8 image of your choice. Call the studio to book on 01992 636152.