Nearly everyone takes photos on their phones (or has a camera to hand) all the time. It is how we document our lives and especially our children’s. How do you get the best images possible at home, either on your phone or with a compact camera? These are our top tips for capturing photos of your children at home  - ones that you will be able to share with them for years to come.

1. Be Patient – most parents seem to point the camera in their children’s direction and expect them to smile on cue. Unless you have a budding model on your hands this isn’t always the best way to get them to cooperate. Play with them, interact with them and be patient. You will then be able to click the button when they are more relaxed and enjoying themselves and that is the photo you want.

2. Get down to their level – especially with the smaller children. Adults tend to take photos standing up looking down on the children but to make this an even better photo try getting down to their level and see what they see.

3. Think about the lighting.  Natural light is almost always going to be available for you to use  - so use it. If it isn’t possible because of the great British weather then make sure you are taking photos in a well lit room. The biggest problem most parents mention to us is that their phone isn’t great at capturing images in low light conditions – so make sure your lighting is right and then you are halfway there.

4. It’s not all about the smile. Some of the best photos we take in the studio are the yawning, funny face, grumpy ones. You child has a wide range of facial expressions and capturing these are just as important as the smile. Get different expressions from them by asking them different questions  - what do Daddy’s feet smell like? What is your favourite toy? Watch their expressions change….

5. Be sneaky. Instead of getting them to pose for the camera try taking photos of them doing everyday things  - it gives a different perspective. Pick a moment when they are totally distracted and immersed in what they are doing (playing or reading a book) and this is when you will get the most beautiful and natural shots of your little one’s.

We all have thousands of images of our children on our cameras or phone but hopefully these tips will help you capture some great photos. GOOD LUCK!