Ok, so you have booked your family shoot but are now panicking about what to wear? Don’t worry, we get lots of phone calls asking exactly that question. There isn’t a right or wrong answer as this is your photo session but we have a few pointers that may help make the decision easier (and mean you don’t have to bring the whole wardrobe with you!)

1. You will always look better if you feel comfortable. Wear what you normally would and casual clothing works really well. Try to avoid logos and busy patterns as this will detract from your beautiful faces and date very quickly.

2. Don’t try to match everyone in the family. Unless you are deliberately going for that look then the same tones of colours work well rather than everyone wearing the exact same colour. Grey, blues and denim work very well together as do pastel colours.

3. Don’t be afraid to go BOLD. If you wear bright, bold colours they don’t tone it down for your shoot – vivid primary colours work very well in the studio and give your photos some extra personality!

4. If you are unsure, bring a change of clothes. Our photographers know what works well so will be on hand to advise you about the best thing to bring. Come dressed and ready to start your shoot and bring a change of clothes for the second half of the session – this way you have two sets of images to choose from at the viewing.

5.Why not bring along some props? We find that bringing along props to your session makes it far more personal. Musical instruments, sports gear, hobbies  - they are part of your life and a great thing to incorporate into your shoot.

6. If in doubt, give us a call. No question sounds silly to us – we want you to get the very best from your photo session with us. If you want to have a quick chat about what to bring along just call us on 01992 636152 and we will be very happy to help.

You can also take a look on our website gallery page at other sessions from the studio or over on  our Facebook page  to get some ideas.

See you soon!