We were delighted and honoured to be asked to take photos at this 2017 Crufts at the NEC A couple of weeks ago.  We were part of the Royal Canin team taking photos of the dogs on their stand throughout the four days. Now this is a really big deal for us considering EVERYONE in the office is a huge dog lover so we had a whale of a time. We had the opportunity to take photos of breeds that we haven’t had in the studio before and it was very exciting (and exhausting at times!). This was a great challenge for us as we haven’t been to Crufts before, let alone shot over 700 dogs! We were delighted at the results and got to meet some wonderful people at the show. If you visited Crufts and had your dog photographed you can view all the images over on our web gallery here. If you would like complimentary digital copies of your dog just drop us an email with the image numbers to info@raylowestudios.co.uk.

We are already looking forward to Crufts 2018!