Pets are part of the family too. Our furry friends bring such joy to our lives and it is lovely to be able to capture their personalities in the studio.

Bring your pet along to Ray Lowe Studios for a truly unique photo session. Whatever the type, age or size of your pet, we will provide you with stunning images, no matter how lively or active they may be! With our distinctive contemporary style, our dedicated animal loving photographers will capture the true nature and character of your pet and provide you with amazing images for years to come. All members of our team are animal lovers so expect lots of attention when you come along to visit the studio!

A pet photography session will last up to one hour in the studio with our award winning pet photographers.

They will take time before the session to discuss what type of images you would like of your pet and find out a little more about their personality. Feel free to bring along any items your pet loves or that tells a story, and of course some of their favourite treats! Pets don’t just mean dogs and cats – this year we have welcomed ducks, ferrets, a parrot, a snake and even pet rats into the studio.

You will return to view your images and be treated to a cinema style presentation of photos to choose from. You are also welcome to bring along your pet to the viewing session too, after all it is all about them!

Our Pet Gift Experience is £39 and includes the photo session and a 10 x 8 image of your choice. With a range of products to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding how to display your images in your home.

If you are ready to book your Pet Session, simply give a member of our team a call on...

01992 636152


with any questions