Blink and you’ll miss it. Capture your little ones before they get too big!

Watch Me Grow at Ray Lowe Studios is the perfect way to capture your baby’s first amazing year.

We invite you and your baby to join us for three separate baby photography sessions taken at four to six monthly intervals and then choose your favourite image from your sessions. A year from now your baby will be an energetic toddler and every day you’ll see big changes. With our Watch Me Grow sessions you will be able to capture this year beautifully.

After all three photo shoots you will be presented with a stunning white triple frame of your baby’s first year, complete with your choice of image from each photo session.

Book a Watch Me Grow photo session for £49.00, which includes all three photo shoots and your triple frame of images. We also have a variety of products that you can purchase for friends and family or to display in your home. Head over to our products page to take a look, you will be spoilt for choice.

Session 1

between 4-6 months

This first visit will capture the wonderful early baby stage. Using white fluffy towels and gorgeous blankets we will take a variety of natural shots of your little one.

Session 2

between 8-12 months

Taken when your baby is sitting up and moving around we can start to capture images of their growing personalities. This is the ideal time to bring along your baby’s favourite teddy or toy.

Session 3

between 12-18 months

Once standing and exploring we can get the action shots of your little one roaming around. Most parents like to bring any siblings along and get some family photos taken during this session too.


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