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Our Father’s Day photo

By 22nd May 2019 No Comments

When we start planning the images for our shop front window and promotions we like to try and do something different. For Father’s Day the task was given to our photographer and retoucher Lilly to come up something that she thought represented Father’s Day. She wanted to concentrate on the different generations within a family group. At the studio we always love it when we get a generation group in the studio because it is actually quite rare. Sometimes Grandparents can be convinced to come along and join in a family photo session but we very rarely get a great Grandparent. So Lilly asked our lovely customers via our social network if a family would be happy to come along and model for it…and this is the result. Four generations of men in one family. We think it is a strong image and although not the typical Father’s Day image represents everything that we should be celebrating come Father’s Day. Family.

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