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Are you sitting comfortably? What happens at the viewing…

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The viewing

We have a lovely purpose built viewing lounge to show you and your family in comfort the images from your session at around 60 inches wide. We like to think of it as our small cinema room!  Coming to visit us is an experience and one that we want you to be wowed by. Whilst we have a web viewing facility viewing your images on a computer screen with a watermark over the faces destroys the magic. It’s simple – we want you to LOVE your photos and creating an initial impact in the viewing room is the best way to do this. We have tissues ready and waiting too because all sessions are emotional. We get teary too because we get to know your family and the circumstance surrounding your reasons for coming for a session.

There isn’t one member of our team that is ‘sales trained’. We don’t pressure sell because good photographs sell themselves. We don’t push any one type of product because it is more expensive. We want you to go away from the viewing buying exactly what you want within the budget you have for it. Whoever is viewing your session we will make sure you are entirely happy with your choices and if you can’t decide go home and have a think about it. It is a big decision and sometimes you need to sleep on it. Unlike other studios it wont be 20% dearer if you call back the next day – and we won’t delete them if you don’t order straight away!


The finished product

Once you have ordered (whatever the product) it will then be fully edited by a member of the retouching team. They will go back to the original image and fully retouch the images ready for print. Depending on how many you have ordered this can take a while. If you have ordered a wall portrait this then needs to be sent off to the laboratory to be made or framed. We normal like to allow between 4-6 weeks for all products to be ready but this can be sooner or later depending on the time of year (Christmas can be crazy busy here!). However, we do understand that you need them for gifts so will always do our best to get them finished when you need them by….just remember to let someone know.

If you have ordered a wall portrait Ray likes to deliver these at the weekend personally. We know this seems a little extravagant but he genuinely likes to do it. Making sure a 30 inch acrylic arrives at it’s destination in perfect order is important and not something we like to leave to a delivery company. Plus, many of our customers have a buggy and a child when collecting their frames which makes for a bit of a squeeze! If you have ordered digital images these will be either sent to you via a file transfer service so that you can download them, share them and start producing your own products. We know not all studios offer a digital option but over the years we have listened to our customers and find that they would like to have the freedom to product their own prints and products from their session. After all, who doesn’t want to give their dad a mug with their face on at least once?!


After care

Something not quite right? Want to reorder? Not sure how to hang your frame? Then just give us a call. Mistakes happen occasionally (we are only human after all) but will rectify any issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are always more than happy to help long after you have picked up your images. Customers return to us year after year and not only is it lovely to see how big the kids are getting we could probably tell you exactly what they ordered. Want to come back and see us in the future? Then just give us a call for a complimentary session as we would love to see you back and really appreciate your custom. We wouldn’t be celebrating our 44 year in business this year without our fabulous customers and we want them to know that we really appreciate them!