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Quality is the best business plan…

By 20th June 2019 July 8th, 2022 No Comments
Quality is the best business plan

We love what we do and we are exceptionally good at it (if we do say so ourselves!) We want to make sure we provide quality images, exceptional customer service and that you get true value from your time with us.

Quite possibly the most common thing we get asked is about our prices and why our products are priced the way they are. Whilst we deem photography one of the most important things to have in your home as it really is the most priceless thing you can own, we understand that this is a luxury product. However, like many other industries a lot goes into the final product than most people think. From our photographic computer systems, high specification cameras and lenses, extensive and regular staff training, hundreds of different props, hand made products, personal customer service to our 44 years of experience we think it helps explain the value of coming to the studio. On average each session takes around 5 hours from shooting, creating the show and editing the images. We do like to pass on any offers/discounts that we can if any of suppliers have a sale on their products because let’s face it…. everyone loves an offer. We find that some customers really appreciate our work, time and effort and understand the value of what we do, whilst other customers have different views  – especially in the digital age where it is increasingly easy to ‘take a good photo’. Our prices start from £65 and from there the possibilities are endless!  If you would like a copy of our product guide just let us know and we will send you one over.

That’s it! We hope this has helped squash some myths about coming for a photo session and that you will feel more at ease when coming along to visit us. We genuinely look forward to welcoming you to the studio, meeting your family and providing you with a wonderful experience.