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Trust us…we’ve seen it all

By 14th July 2021 No Comments

We have recently undertaken a pretty comprehensive survey from recent clients to better understand why they choose to come to us, how they found the studio and any worries they had before coming along for a photo shoot. There was a clear winner when it came to the last question. ‘Before you visited the Studio, what were your most pressing concerns about coming for a photo shoot’

More than 60% of the clients that we surveyed said that they were worried the children/pets would misbehave during the shoot, so it put them off booking.

We get it. As parents and pet owners ourselves we absolutely understand the anxiety of going anywhere new with baby’s, toddlers, teenagers, or a dog and sometimes all of them together. Never mind hoping that just for one hour they will sit still, act like they really like each other and smile sweetly. Then there are the outfits. You just know you will dress them in their best outfits and two minutes before you arrive someone is sick or spills something down them. Honestly, we know exactly what it can be like and at times it is stressful! Why would you put yourself through that?

Firstly, you will put yourself through it because you want that photo that perfectly sums up your family, a stunning image of your new baby or the photo that is celebrating a major life event. We do it because we don’t want to miss those special moments and before you know it the children are older, look different and have lost more teeth!

Secondly, we are here to reassure you that it really doesn’t matter to us what happens during your shoot, we have honestly seen it all. It is life. Life consists of projectile sick, screaming baby’s, dog wee, family’s arguing, being late, forgetting the nappy bag (yes it happens a lot!) but trust us when we say nothing phases us.

Our priority is capturing photos of your family’s story. It always sounds a little corny when we say that but it is really true. If your toddler throws a massive tantrum halfway through the session, we can either ignore it or shoot it and nearly every time these are the photos you will end up buying! As we have been doing this for quite a few years we do have secret tricks up our sleeve that work nearly every time…especially with toddlers. It’s our job to get the best possible photos we can during your session, so you just need to concentrate on enjoying yourself and spending time with your family.

On the odd occasion that it doesn’t go to plan, usually due to reflux, nappy rash, over-excited or tired little ones, we can simply book you another session for another time. We would rather you come back at another time and let us try and work our magic again. We can extend the time of your session so there is no time constraint, we can play your child’s favourite songs to help them relax and we have a fully stocked changing table just in case you do forget the nappy bag!

So if you have been thinking about booking a session but have any of these concerns stop overthinking it, stop worrying and book it now. Before you know it another month or two has passed and you’ve missed out on some special moments and that is the last thing we want.

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