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What photo makes you happy?

By 18th January 2021 No Comments

One of our favourite quotes is by the wonderful showman P.T Barnum and reads ‘The noblest of art is of making others happy’. When you strip away what we do at the studio, the bottom line is that we are invested in our art and making our customers happy. During this lockdown we are keeping ourselves busy doing various tasks, photography lessons and webinars, competitions, backdated admin but we are missing our customers more than we ever thought we would. Having conversations with new parents about how their baby is sleeping, discovering which Paw Patrol is the favourite, trying to make teenagers smile with our bad jokes and sharing a laugh with a family group at how Grandma keeps blinking in every image we take. This is what we love doing and why we get the expressions we get in our photography. Our work is about connecting with our customers, understanding what they want and capturing photos that will make them happy.

So what could we capture that would make you happy and bring you joy? Have you been meaning to get photos of your pet and never got around to booking a session? Do you have adorable nieces or nephews but no photos other than selfies on your phone? Have you been waiting for the right time when all members of your family can get together but there is always someone that can’t make it? Are you expecting a new addition to the family but just can’t find the time to have a maternity shoot done?

Whatever your think will bring you joy every time you see it in your home, that is what you should capture in a photo. It will make you happy for a long time afterwards.

And what makes us happy? Seeing our customers smile

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