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Would you do a Maternity Photoshoot?

By 7th June 2022 No Comments

All of us here are on a mission. We welcome hundreds of newborn babies to the studio each year and always ask whether they had any photos taken before their new bundle arrived. Some take a few snaps at home, and a few attend a professional session to capture their family before it changed but otherwise, the answer is a plain no. There are always a host of reasons that expectant mothers don’t want to attend a maternity photoshoot but it generally comes down to how they feel about their bodies during pregnancy. Let’s face it, it is not an easy ride and lots of women don’t experience the ‘glow’ whilst pregnant but that shouldn’t be a reason not to give it a go.

This image was taken with the gorgeous Lucy who is expecting twins and sent us the most touching message after the session. We want to show expectant mothers just how amazing their body is and how beautiful they look during a maternity photoshoot.

‘How is this even me? Thank you for the opportunity to do something I never thought I would and after months of horrendous morning sickness to see myself and my pregnancy in a totally different light. It was an incredible experience and I’m blown away by the images. I would most definitely recommend it to anyone considering a shoot and just as much to anyone who never thought that they could do something like that.’

Whether you hang them on the wall, put them in an album or plaster them on social media, we take these images to remind you just how incredible your body is, what it is capable of doing and how beautiful you look – all whilst growing a tiny human. Just amazing ♥

If you would like more information on our maternity or newborn photoshoots then feel free to drop us an email or call us for a chat.